KraftSchoolInsideTour fee:  $5 for adults; $3 for children in grade K-12. For questions or more information please call: (641)435-2567 or Email us

Stroll through the preserved Bradford Village and visit Iowa’s living historic sites. Feel transported back to the midwest of one room schoolhouses, pot bellied stoves, and log cagins. Hear stories of  real life Hobos riding the rails and of an Iowan poet named Blackie.

The town once boasted 4 hotels, mills, blacksmith and the Bradford Academy. One of the first academies in Iowa, the Bradford Academy was the academic equivalent to High School. William S. Pitts, author of the song “Church in the Wildwood” or “The Little Brown Church in the Vale,” who was both a physician and music director, taught at the academy.

In tribute to those early pioneers, the Bradford Pioneer Museum shows a glimpse of what it was like to live in the area at the time with period buildings and exhibits.