Current Projects


New sidewalks allowing access to all 14 buildings.

New sidewalks allowing access to all 14 buildings.

Over 400 feet of concrete sidewalks have been created making the Pioneer Village accessablIMG_0964e to young and old alike!

Through the dedication of our volunteers & an Eagle Scout Project we’ve been able to connect our 14 buildings with sidewalks and ramps.

Preservation of our cabins have been a chief concern and in 2015 over 18 galloons of wood sealer was used on the 165 year old Smith Cabin and 163 year old Mc Crackin Cabin.

The Cedar Vale Trail that William Pitts once walked and wrote the song “The Church in the Wildwood” has been cleared and will be landscaped with natural wildflowers.IMG_0967

Our Current Project – We have just completed the foundation for the Munson Cabin which will some day allow for groIMG_0970ups to experience Iowa pioneer camping.





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