Civil War Re-enactment

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The three-day Civil War reenactment event, May 13 (Kid’s Day) 14, 15, 2016 takes place at the Old Bradford Pioneer Village at Nashua, is a special chance for visitors to learn about the 1860s military life. The union and confederate encampments are open to the public to show how soldiers and civilians dressed, cooked and ate during the war. Visitors can see open fire cooking, marching drills and medical demonstrations. They can converse with the reenactors who are experts on military weapons, ammunition, battle tactics, methods of surgery, issues of sanitation and the plague of disease. They can hear famous speeches, letters and period music. Especially exciting is the chance to see a battle reenactment complete with live mortar demonstrations and artillery blasts.

For a family day out that’s not only fun but also educational, nostalgic, exciting and full of historical drama, make a note on your calendar for the weekend after Mother’s day and get yourselves down to the Old Bradford Pioneer Village, Nashua and enjoy the annual re-enactment of the Battle of Old Bradford held each May.

As the Confederate battle flag flutters in the breeze and the air is filled with wisps of campfire smoke and the strains of Dixie music, the re-enactment society time machine kicks in. Young men dressed in authentic vintage-style military uniform and carrying antique f
irearms stroll across the battleground for all the world like ghosts from the past in their thick grey uniforms, slouch hats tipped against the afternoon sunshine.

Authenticity is all-important. The Brogan shoes, woolen uniforms, leather backpacks and canvas A-frame tents are all paid for by the re-enactors themselves and there is clearly great pride in getting everything absolutely accurate in honour of their predecessors. The re-enactors battleare all unpaid volunteers and are passionate about their country’s history and the preservation of its cultural heritage. Many can actually trace their family line back to ancestors who fought in the Civil War and some even play the part of a rebatlle2lative who was alive during the days of the war.